Nail Machine Vision Pro 800 (recupel voldaan)

Ref 29720

Makes your work easier

ProNails Vision Pro 800 will help you to:

  • take care of your health in many ways
  • work faster and more precise
  • work with more comfort
  • work in the most hygienical way possible
Good To Know

The Vision Pro 800 comes with a full E-learning support.

An elegant, powerful and silent nail machine in a luxurious white and rose gold design, with improved functionality and a unique patented new technology combining a strong bit-locking system and ultra-powerful air suction in a sterilizable handpiece in autoclave.

ProNails Vision Pro 800 will be offering you :

  • A way to work faster and safe with an easy to use machine
  • That has a reliable operation
  • With a powerful and hygienic suction hand piece
  • A device that is easy to clean and maintain
  • And does not create a lot of noise

Because your work space, should be your personal ZEN space!

  • The Vision Pro 800 comes with a full E-learning support
  • You will learn how to save time with electric filing techniques for gel nails or nail tips, how to prepare the natural nail correctly, how to do a faster baby Manicure, how to remove foot callus and how to perform a Baby pedicure for the cutest summer toes
  • The e-learning will also include a complete user instruction video as well as cleaning, disinfecting and maintenance videos

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