Diamond Pedicure Callus Bit - Dual Rotating

Ref 29722

Very efficient to reach difficult places with hygienic material.

  • An hygienic Rough Diamond bit with a pointed shape design for removal of very rough and hard callus inside cracks of cracked skin
  • This bit is also ideal to remove callus at difficult to reach parts like between toes or for Partridge’s eyes
Good To Know

Super time saving and easy efficient removal of very rough and hard callus inside cracks of cracked skin on difficult to reach places, such as between the toes.

Remove excess of dead skin of very rough skin cracks by going deeper in the callus grooves. With its pointed shape the Diamond Pedicure Callus Bit will allow you to go deeper in the groove of cracked skin parts and its length will help you to work on wider skin surfaces to remove the excess dead skin inside. The precision and safe rounded pointed shape is ideal to remove callus on more difficult to reach parts like between the toes or on Partridge's eyes.

  • For electrical deeper callus removal inside cracked skin
  • Perfecting cracked skin removal
  • Precision removal thanks to the pointed shape
  • Safe rounded pointed shape
  • No more arm or hand fatigue and pain during callus removal
  • Removes dramatic callus inside cracks and on difficult to reach parts in no time (super fast)
  • Sterilizable material

Callus Off in combination with electrical filing is truly magical: together they will remove normal to extremely rough callus thoroughly superfast and effectively.

Note that all pedicure bits can be sterilized in autoclave at 135° and are dual rotating bits. This means both right-handed and left-handed can use it in a usual way.

If you are right-handed, Use the R direction, start at the right side of the callus zone, with hand movements from right to left or from top to bottom.

If you are left-handed, Use the L direction, start at the left side of the callus zone, with hand movements from left to right or from top to bottom

  • Treatment zone: Heels, ball of toe, ball of feet, feet sides
  • Spray the Callus Off on callus and places with thickened skin
  • Let it absorb into the skin for two minutes until absorbed
  • On extremely dry skin, if you see that the skin is very dry after using the Callus Off spray you can spray more product
  • Remove very rough callus with the Ceramic Pedicure Callus Bit
  • If cracked callus are present, you can now use the Diamond Pedicure Callus Bit
  • You can work with a speed between 6000 to 30000RPM depending on the cracked level
  • 10000RPM is already very efficient
  • To finish off you can now smoothen the skin with the use of the Silicon Pedicure Polisher Bit
  • As a last step, eliminate all dead skin residues with the A’septic spray. Spray each foot and dry the feet air dry

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