BFlex LED Gel Milky 14 ml

Ref 29908
BFLEX MILKY je najbolji deo svih BFLEX golotinja. Vanneer je ovaj kombinezon nude nijansi sa BFLEX BABY kan je een prachtige Babiboom Look creeren!

With these Vegan Acid free 4-in-1 Flexible Gels you will be able to give your clients naturally, healthy looking nails with a beautiful natural nail look.

BFLEX are Vegan Acid Free 4-in-1 gels (so base, builder, natural color and shine Flexible gels) that bring out the natural beauty of the nails!

Good To Know

These revolutionary Vegan Acid free 4-in-1 Flexible Gels allow you to apply the very popular Natural Nail Treatment in a minimum of time.


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