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how to sell longwear

5 tips to grow your business with LongWear

Op 09 02 2018 in

Your magnificent ‘handiwork’, your professional advice: your nail salon is a true beauty haven for your clients. But does that actually mean they get their nail polish for home use there? Or is that an opportunity you’re not taking full advantage of yet? Setting yourself apart from the corner perfumery or the high-street beauty shop: that is what it is all about!



Get inspired by our tips:

1. Offer unique, innovative products

There are countless nail polish brands, with lots of different colours, but there is only 1 LongWear! That is gel technology in a nail polish, without the need for a UV lamp!

  • Lasts up to 2 times longer, thanks to the LongWear ColourFix Technology
  • No need for a UV lamp
  • Highly pigmented for perfect coverage
  • Unique brush for simple and fast application


2. Inspire & surprise

Products not only sell much faster, they are also much more inspirational when they are beautifully presented. With our new LongWear Table Display, for instance! A compact, yet beautiful mini nail polish display. Hang it on the wall or position it next to your cash register for instant impact!

All clients like the opportunity to choose from a varied array of colours, both varying trend colours and timeless classics. With the new Table Display you can show 12 colours of your choosing. And the visual? Super easy to replace.



3. Know what your clients want

You really know what your clients are looking for, so you match the colours to their style. Trust your own taste, because your enthousiasm is the best sales tool! It is easy to sell LongWear to Sopolish or manicure clients, as they can use it at home. But what about gel nail clients?

They too can enjoy it! A matching colour for their toenails or a cute beauty gift for a friend: make sure you what they are interested in!


4. Offer advice and tips

To achieve a long-lasting, professional result at home your clients rely on your advice. LongWear offers a unique combination of a base, colour and finish. Inform your clients it is best to buy all 3 and teach them how to apply them correctly.

  • Quickly apply the LongWear in 3 simple steps: Start, Colour, Finish.
  • Wait 2 minutes before applying the Finish.
  • Very easy to remove with the acetone free nail polish remover.


5. Make your offer visible in your salon and online

Do not only convince your regular clients in your salon, but also those around! Apply the LongWear Window Sticker and announce you are a LongWear sales point!

Make sure you also promote your LongWear assortment online. On your website, for instance, or your social media, such as Facebook and Instagram. Film or photograph your LongWear creations, communicate about the unique advantages, and ask your clients to do the same!

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