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What’s your lucky number?

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Your brush is your instrument. It becomes a part of you. And eventually you’ll get very attached to that specific and special brush… Your ultimate lucky number! Read what our stylist picked as their lucky brush for gel and colour applications as well as the most intricate and finest nail art designs.

– Patricia Lima

To be honest I love all of these brushes. They are truly fantastic: super light in your hand and thanks to the unique material they always look new! I also like the twisted design of the handle, it allows me – as a trainer – to check if a nail student turns the brush correctly when learning the one-stroke technique. If I have to pick one, my favourite brush would be number 14. It helps me to effortlessly draw several beautiful flower petals in one go!” 

ProNails n°14 Spiky Brush – ref. 29086
Used for: quick flower designs using the One-Stroke technique


 - Noemie Milieri

“My favorite is number 7 because it helps me design really small details. Thanks to its slim, pointy shape I can design really fine and thin lines. I like detailed designs. With number 7 I can do everything I want: from flowers, lines to dots ... In my opinion it’s a multi-use brush.” 

ProNails n°7 Pointy Brush – ref. 29078
Used for the most detailed Nail Art Designs.  


– Monica Sacco

“My favorite brush is number 13 because I use it to create one-stroke nail art. It’s amazing because it has the right flexibility to define the design and the shades, which is not so easy to do well. I’m really happy that I’ve discovered brush number 13”.  

ProNails n°13 Cut Off Stroke Brush – ref. 29085
Used for: incredible One Stroke Nail Art Designs.


– Natalya Grudinina

 “My favourite brush is number 1 because it’s perfect for me to create beautiful Zhostovo nail art which you know I’m crazy about. It’s also a brush I love to use for all sorts of different nail art applications, it’s so versatile!” 

ProNails n°1 Prime Brush - ref. 29072
Used for: perfect application of primer & beautiful Nail Art Designs (such as the Zhostovo technique)


– Sandrine Roelants

 “My favourite brush is number 5. Applying a colour gel was never so sensual as with this brush. It’s the ultimate brush for an easy application of colour gels. The hairs makes the colour glide on thinly, evenly and without leaving stripes or marks, even with the most difficult ones like very light or sparkly metallic colours. Just like Chanel N° 5,  this brush is an eternal icon.” 

ProNails n°5 Premium Brush – ref. 29076
Used for: perfect application of colour gels

– Gerlaine Jaramillo

“I love using brush number 16 to make Dandelion Flower designs. It is super easy and looks great on the nail. It’s also the perfect brush to apply the Aurora Effect powder on top of your colour, to get that amazing rainbow effect!”

ProNails n°16 Stamp Brush – ref. 29088
Used for: stamp art designs using Nail Art Powders or gel paint

– Sofia Cassetti

“I choose number 6 because it’s really light and ergonomic. With its micro-point it really helps you to create better nail art, so I can be a better and more precise nail stylist.” 

ProNails n°6 Shorty Brush – ref. 29077
Used for the most detailed Nail Art Designs.  

– Maricica Panaitiu

“My favorite is number 10 because I can do a lot of nail art with it. It’s really easy to use, flexible and soft.” 

ProNails n°10 Punky Brush – ref. 29082
Used for: controlled Nail Art powder application & Smooth colour transitions

– Rossela Cascella

“My favorite is number 15 because creating this brush with 3 points was a truly innovative idea! It really helps to apply one-stroke shades. Thanks to the central, longer part you can easily create really thin stripes and also small dots.” 

ProNails n°15 Petal Brush – ref. 29087
Used for: quick flower designs using the One-stroke technique

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